The Right Way to Fuel your Holiday Workouts

The Right Way to Fuel your Holiday Workouts

Fuel Your Holiday Workouts

Just before training, our bodies needs valuable fuel which will allow it not only to exercise effectively, but also to provide energy for the whole day. Pre-workout meals should be based on low-glycemic index products. This avoids a sharp increase in insulin levels in the blood, and then sharp drop in insulin levels.

A pre-workout meal with a predominance of low glycemic index products ensures a slow, gradual increase in insulin levels in the blood, thus protecting against fatigue and loss of concentration throughout the duration of the workout.

Each pre-workout meal must provide energy and healthy ingredients, but it will vary in volume and food choices depending on the time of workout.

What to eat before training in the morning?

The meal before your morning workout might be your first meal of the day, so it's most important to sustain the body. This fuel is what makes the body geared up for daily life, be prepared to perform at high speeds, and accelerate the metabolism. Breakfast, which is also a pre-training meal should be eaten 1-2 hours before the exercises. It should consist of complex and simple carbohydrates.

For example:

  • oatmeal with banana and a glass of vegetable juice,

  • whole meal bread (3 slices) with cottage cheese, tomatoes and sprouts; tea with added honey,

  • natural yoghurt with granola, nuts and pear; crisp bread (2slices); water with lemon.

Afternoon: what to eat before training?

For an afternoon training session, our body should already be partially prepared (if we successfully gave it complex and simple carbohydrates for breakfast). We don't need those as much anymore at this time, but still can nurture our energy levels with other foods. This meal should be in terms of calories, the second after breakfast and it is best to consume it 1 hour, and a maximum of 30 minutes before the training. For example:

  • pasta salad with smoked chicken breast and colorful peppers,

  • shake based on kefir, kiwi and almond flakes and crisp bread (2 slices),

  • wholegrain bread roll with 1 hard egg, lettuce and sprouts.

Pre-workout food for the evening

Evening workout probably mean that we have already had at least 3 meals today, and hopefully with each subsequent meal we delivered the necessary carbohydrates to the body. This means evening workout requires only a small snack of carbohydrates to maintain the whole day's performance and ensure energy for exercise. An example of a meal before the training is eaten in the evening:

  • strawberries with almonds, honey and cereal,

  • whole meal bread (2 slices) with honey,

  • mango and linseed mousse.

Remember that each pre-workout meal is intended to provide energy, but the later you exercise, the less carbohydrates you should have in the products you eat, as they are part of virtually every meal you eat during the day.

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