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Hands free / Head free lighting

The first product of its kind, Night Runner shoe lights help you stay active past sundown by offering unrivaled visibility, comfort, and safety in low-light environments.

Whether you’re hitting the city run trails or pounding the pavement, Night Runner’s 150 lumen LEDs help you stride confidently by illuminating the path up to 30 feet ahead of you. Plus, back-facing red tail lights alert motorists of your location. 



Customer Reviews

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I Feel Safer

I was hit and partially run over by an SUV in 2015. It was in the daytime, so when it started getting dark around 5pm, I was a bit paranoid. I walk to the gym at 5am and home from work at 5pm. Shoe lights don't stop cars but they certainly make me feel safer. They also draw a lot of attention.

I often stop and chat with people about them. One man said he was going to buy a pair for his granddaughter who skateboards. Speaking of which, I do also and these serve as great lights for that too.

At the time that I am typing this, I can't recall where I put them, so I immediately placed an order for the Night Shift model. I look forward to the bluetooth on that one.

Speedy service, excellent product

love the new lime green color...I would be lost without my Night Runners...only a few days between placing my order and receiving my Night Runners...super bright, they work like a dream when running in the dark...thanks for inventing such a needed product

Practical and light

I have bought Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights for my running and can really recommend them. During autumn and winter, it gets dark early here in Scandinavia, and so they're very useful. Also, for my ultra races, when I have to spend the night on the trails in the mountains in southern Europe, they're very helpful. Only a pity I cannot get them here in Europe ;). I've had quite a lot of spontaneous positive remarks from people around me, when they saw them for the first time:).

Worked Great for Midnight Marathon

I didn't notice any extra weight on my shoes. They stayed in place. No jostling around and they remained bright.

Love the night runners

Love them!

Night Runner Features

• 150 total lumens

• 30+ feet of forward hands-free illumination

• Includes pair of ultra-lightweight LED units (weighing only 1.5 oz. each)

• Long-lasting 3 – 5 hour battery life

• Li-ion rechargeable battery with micro-USB charging cord

• Secure, multi-position shoelace clips that won't fall off

• Water-resistant, high-impact casing

• Sleek, unobtrusive "wing" design

• Rear-facing red tail lights to grab motorists' attention

• Travel bag, charging cord and peace of mind included

• Fits securely on all shoes with laces

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