Night Trek Shoe Lights

Night Trek Tactical Shoe Lights will enhance any adventure whether you are hiking the Appalachian Trail or walking the dog around the block. Night Trek safely lights your way from dusk until dawn with hands-free lighting. The ultra- light and ultra-bright tactical shoe lights illuminate the path ahead and provide visibility from all sides, allowing you to follow your adventure any time of day or night.

Night Treks patented technology features Two ultra-light shoe lights completely illuminating the path ahead while rear-facing red tail lights keep the wearer visible from all sides. The fortified weatherproof, high impact and rugged case mounted on an ultra-secure adjustable shoelace-clip.

Night Trek Tactical Shoe Lights are sure to become your favorite piece of adventure gear whether hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, running or even walking the dog. Night Trek will enhance your adventure while keeping the path visible and your journey safe.

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