Night Trek Xtreme Right Replacement Unit

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Sabina Minney
Fantastic - keep me safe!

These lights are bright enough for drivers, cyclists to see me and bright enough to light up the sidewalks. This is critical to me to avoid tripping or stumbling on early morning runs. Thank you Night Tech!

Jennifer Erwin
Troubled by the battery replacement compartment

I have 3 pairs of these lights and use them daily when I walk before daylight. They are a great product - however, in your instructions, it shows how you can “change” the batteries. I have tried and tried to get that compartment open and it won’t open. Not on any of the 3 pairs I have. These are great lights but not able to change the batteries. These are expensive so I would like to be able to keep them for a long time by changing the battery. Please advise. Thank you

Early Runner
Great for early morning running

I love to wear these for my early runs in the dark. The cars see me and move over and I see trip hazards

Conchita L.
the best running shoe lights ever!

I love these lights. I have had the original lighter version when they were first developed. These are sturdier, give more light (lumens) and i am so sorry the company isn't manufacturing any longer. Whenever I wear them other runners always ask and show tremendous interest... They are amazing, and, did i already say I love them?

Lady G - Satisfied Customer

I have been using this product (the shoe lights) for years as a night runner. They are an essential item for running safely at night. It's disheartening when one light goes down - I feel unbalanced. Thankful I was able to get a right shoe replacement, so quickly. Prior to this purchase, I broke the blue clip - again, replacement part available for purchase and received quickly. As a runner, I don't leave home without these lights, when it's dark. Restock the pairs soonest, I think having a backup pair in my arsenal is necessary. Great product.

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