4 Running Tips for Thanksgiving

4 Running Tips for Thanksgiving

1. TURKEY TROT your heart out. 

3+ Beers Deep Friend: "Come on! Stay out a little longer tonight!"

Superhuman You: "I can't, I have a 5k in the morning."

You've worked hard for that 5k PR. Now is your time to shine. That hometown Turkey Trot won't win itself. Cross the finish line with grace and ease while your hair flows in the crisp November wind. Holiday Health Extraordinaire?  #nailedit


2. Run away from the political conversation...literally.

Oh, 2016. You sweet, disastrous, family-destroying year. If you're part of a large family, chances are that your Thanksgiving spread is not only divided by the cranberry or no cranberry sauce debate. Might we recommend when things get heated to run away...literally? 



3. Deplete your calories to add in more calories.

More running = more calories burned = more food. #Math

4. Sneak out for an early morning jog.

Alright, we get it: your life is wonderful. Your family agrees on everything, your dinner is nothing short of idyllic, and your husband and mother-in-law both carved the turkey together while holding hands and basking in familial love. Good for you–we're not bitter at all! Pop on your Night Runner 270s and continue to achieve your goals on that pre-daylight run. Go forth and prosper you perfect creature.