Buck Farm Beer Mile: Four Beers, One Mile, Three Pots of Chilli

Buck Farm Beer Mile: Four Beers, One Mile, Three Pots of Chilli

Standing somewhere around 7' tall with a voice that can be heard for miles, an enviable energy (how much coffee did he drink this morning?), and dressed in manpris–spandex with a sleeveless denim jacket, November Project co-founder Brogan Graham is a force of enviable energy and charisma. Combine that descriptor with a propensity for the ridiculous and you get the first annual Buck Farm Beer Mile on some random farm in Pennsylvania. 

#YearbookPhotos today at NOVEMBER PROJECT SAN DIEGO by Nick Is • Theme: #Weatherspoof

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We arrived by 8:30 PM at the elusive Buck Farm, where a tiki torch directed us to the cluster of glowstick-clad beer drinkers. Although festive, they did little in terms of lighting the rocky driveway, so we stepped in for one of the favorite Night Runner uses: beer mile light squad. 

Night Runner repping at the #BuckFarmBeerMile #letsgo #ImANightRunner #SharkTankABC #run #nightrunner

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Beer mile rules are simple: drink a beer as fast as you can, turn the cup upside down over your head to confirm it's empty, run a quarter mile, and repeat 4 times. It's the only running event where college partiers and serious runners are on level playing field. We pegged Laura Beachy as our Night Runner crew rep. She was cocky. She was ready, or so we thought.

The results? Unsurprisingly the host and creator dominated.

My wife is proud of me. #BUCKFARMBEERMILE #Champion

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A formidable opponent, Kelly Roberts of Run Selfie Repeat took a dangerously close second. 

Can we clap it up for this incredible woman? If you aren't following @sarahattar, you're missing out. She's a two time Olympian (and a hilarious badass) and she was one of the first women to represent Saudi Arabia in the #Olympics. In today's daily #vlog, we talk about what it was like to represent Saudi Arabia during the marathon and work with @oiselle to design the kit she wore during the race. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 YouTube.com/c/RunSelfieRepeat1 #RunSelfieRepeat #RWHalf #RunnersWorld #Oiselle #girlpower (PS, this is both of us showing off our awards from this weekend. Sarah won 2nd lady, I won 2nd in the beer mile. I was very proud and made her get out of bed to take a selfie. Two time Olympian and bad ass woman Sarah Attar is a very good sport.)

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How did the Night Runner crew fare, you ask? Let's just put it this way: we didn't win.