Holiday Gift Ideas For Athletes 2019

Holiday Gift Ideas For Athletes 2019

With the holidays just around the corner, you might be brainstorming gift ideas to grab for your athletic loved ones. On top of that, are you also keen to skip the basic new pair of sneakers, you usually gift each year? Try these original ideas we’ve compiled for you...

A t h l e t e  G i f t I d e a s:

  • A Restorative Massage
  • In addition to this idea, there are places like Stretch Zone popping up around the US, which offer 60 minute assisted, deep tissue stretching with physical trainers. If your athlete has any issues, gifting them with an appointment at the chiropracter might also be a “non-traditional” surprise. I mean, who doesn’t love a good spinal adjustment?!

  • Supplements/Vitamins
  • We know fancy vitamins can get pricey, and sometimes may deter us from investing in them. This makes this a great gift idea from a parent to child, or really anyone you want to be healthy. We’re not talking creatine and basic protein powders (although those might work for your person too), but take a look at adaptogens and vitamins from your local health food store.

  • Safety Lights
  • Night Tech Gear’s lights are perfect for working out and exploring after dark (whether you’re running, hiking, biking, rock climbing, or simply walking your dog). Use DISCOUNT CODE “BF20” for 20% off a pair of runner’s lights, which debuted on Shark Tank here.

  • Work Out Classes
  • Whether your athlete might benefit from a yoga, kickboxing, or krav maga class -- try giving the gift of education and a work out in one. You can also check out if your city uses ClassPass, a credit based app that finds you different fitness classes to try in your area.

  • Health Magazines
  • Stocking stuffers anyone? Try gifting a fitness magazine filled with work outs, or a cooking one with healthy recipes!

  • Sore Muscle Rubs / Bath Supplies
  • Try gifting a soothing rub for sore muscles, or epsom salt for their post work out baths. While they might not think about using these items often, they are helpful especially during training to relax and restore the body.

  • A Smart Watch
  • Athletes who enjoy tracking their heart rate while working out might benefit from a gift like the Apple watch, or a FitBit.

    We hope these tips might be just what you’re looking for, or at least sparked an idea for your own shopping. Visit our blog here to find more resources for athletes.

    Happy holiday season, friends.

    - Night Tech Gear