How To Keep Your Dog Safe Walking At Night

How To Keep Your Dog Safe Walking At Night

Come home from work late and need to take your pet on a long walk? Here are a few things to remember before heading out into the dark with your furry loved one.

  • Know where you are walking, we don’t recommend taking a new trail or route at night time, when you haven’t explored it in the day time before. Even though we are night explorers ourselves, let’s just keep it safe when involving animals.
  • Keep your dog near you while walking near roads.
  • Try to walk in lit up areas – or make sure to have a light on your and your pooch.
  • You and your dog can wear something reflective, even if it’s the leash that connects you. Also avoid wearing dark colors to help boost visibility.
  • Put your headphones away, for you might not be able to hear animals approaching, or any other possible threat.
  • Watch out for animals, especially if your dog is the type that will run after a nocturnal opossum, raccoon, etc. You don’t want your dog to take off towards a road while chasing an animal.

Night Lights For You & Your Dog

We recommend using a pair of Night Runners on your shoes while walking, to help you and your dog see, to slow down car drivers, etc. You can also attach a light to your dog’s leash as well. Shop Night Tech Gear lights here. They are also perfect for running, hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, or all around safety precaution before sunrise or after sunset.

A fine example of a pooch who knows how to stay safe:

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Safe dog walking, friends.

-Night Tech Gear