What to Wear: Tips for Winter Running

What to Wear: Tips for Winter Running

It's 5:30 AM in New York City. You know you have to go for a run, but it's cold outside and bed is warm. You roll over and pick up your phone, squinting with eyes half shut, and check the weather. 46º. Yesterday it was a balmy 66º in November and you wore a tank top. There's no way you're trekking down from your 7th floor walkup just to remind yourself what 45º feels like, then walking all the way back up the stairs to get dressed. 

Have no fear, Night Runner is here to save the day with some tips and tricks of what to wear as we dip down into cooler temperatures.

Forecast: 45-55º

If it's the first cool day after a warm fall season, 50º might feel like a shock when you first step outside. Once you get moving, you'll find that you warm up quickly. In these conditions, a t-shirt and shorts or running capris will do the trick.

Forecast: 35-44º

This is the temperature range where personal preference prevails (say that three times fast!). While some find that shorts or capris and a long sleeve shirt suffice, others add a light jacket and gloves to the equation.

Forecast: 25-34º

Time to break out the winter hat and gloves! A hat is a game changer in these temperatures and will keep your body temperature up. On top of that, tights, gloves, and a jacket are necessities here.

Forecast: Under 25º

You reached the sub-25º temperatures and are still running. Start by patting yourself on the back for being a running hero, then layer up with a jacket, long sleeves, tights, hat and gloves. If you're especially susceptible to cold, go ahead and double up on the tights and long sleeves. You can always remove layers as you run.

As always, don't forget your reflective gear and Night Runners. Stay safe and stay warm!