Safety was the whole idea behind starting our company, and we are always happily surprised when we hear stories of how or customers use their lights. 

One of the ways we love knowing they’re being used is by women at nighttime while going out. Therefore, we decided to compile 10 tips for ladies to read before they head out alone next to keep our customers aware and safe.

10 Safety Tips for Women At Night

  • Keep your keys ready in hands, they can be used as a weapon between fingers if you need to throw a punch (X-man style).
  • Walk with confidence. Even if you have to fake it and feel uncomfortable, predator type criminals are less likely to go after a woman who looks as if she is not afraid. They are more often than most going for the timid, nervous looking woman walking alone with her head down. Keep your eyes up as if you know exactly where you're going.
  • Trust your gut over anything. If you feel a strong intuition about a turn, a person, an alley -- your body is truly protecting you.
  • If you are traveling with a friend, don’t be afraid to be loud or noisey. This shows the predator person that you are going to be loud, scream for help, etc.
  • Be prepared for the worst-case scenario, whether that’s having a weapon like pepper spray or a small knife or tazer, or having some self-defense knowledge.
  • Avoid looking distracted! For example, struggling in public with bags, using headphones, or texting looking down, or looking like you can’t handle yourself at that moment (thus appearing weak and like an easy, distracted target).
  • Once you make it to your car, immediately lock the door and start the car. DO NOT sit there idly with the door unlocked, and the car not running -- for someone can still approach you and enter the vehicle. Additionally, always check the back seat to make sure no one is waiting for you in your car.
  • Always notify a friend or family member of your night outing plans. Now you can share your location with trusted friends, using your iPhone or Find My Friends app.
  • Take a self-defense class once in your life. It’s worth the money, and you might learn a move or two by only going ONCE that could wind up saving your life. We are BIG advocates for women learning how to defend themselves. Here’s a great article with visuals to help you start.
  • Carry a portable light in your purse, and shine it while you walk in dark places or out at night. Then you’ll be able to see in dark alleys, or the back seats of your car in a parking lot before getting inside, etc.

For more safety information or ideas on surprising activities you can still do at night time, visit our site here to feel more confident going out.

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-- Night Tech Gear