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Night Runner Shoe Lights

I love these shoe lights. They're really great for preventing me from stumbling on curbs and divots in the road during early morning and evening runs/walks.

Lite Brite!

These sneaker lights brighten up my morning runs perfectly before sunrise!

My ‘Go To’ Activity Light!

These lights are the best! I use them for bike riding and dog walking. I was devastated that I lost one, but I placed my replacement order the second I got home! Delivery was fast and efficient. Thank You!

Ruck Gear Box
Susan Garland

Ruck Gear Box

Love the product, and wear for running in the early morning hours. Significantly improves my vision!

I have both the lights in the past and love them. However my dog ate one and I lost one. So I needed more and I was very disappointed that you only sell the 270 now. It seems like I have to get just a replacement for the left and the right which I did but you don’t sell it as a set with the charger. May I ask why not? I’d be grateful for a reply. I am a runner and may need more and may buy some for friends in my runners groups.

Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights
Deborah Rosenthal
Awesome Addition

The night runner really makes me feel comfortable running in the early mornings.

Replacement light

Customer service is exceptional. I received a replacement for a right light that did not stay lit as long as it should.

Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights
Jennifer Terwilliger
Best night running gear ever!

I have had these for 3 years and they are amazing. Five people in my running group bought them too. I won’t leave home without them on an early morning run.

Love the 270 lights.

Have used the TREK x for almost 2 years now and love them. I just purchased the 270 lights for my son who is 12 and they are awesome too. I think I’d like the 270 the best because they’re nice and small and have a good amount of light for nighttime activities. We originally purchased these for running at night but I have now found many use for them now. I would definitely recommend these to Everyone.

Love these lights!

I run with these lights around 3x per week, sometimes upwards of 15 - 20 miles per run. They are great in helping to see tree roots, sidewalk cracks, etc. that are trip hazards. Knock on wood, no trips/falls since having these lights. Both of my running partners have now purchased the lights too. They are lightweight and very easy to run with. They also increase our visibility while wearing them in the dark. We have had cars and cyclists stop and thank us for wearing them.

Love these lights

I use these Night Trek Xtreme shoe lights every week for early morning runs in the winter. In all temps, in all weather, for mile after mile, they work great. Needed a new left unit and this one was sent out quickly and it worked perfectly on arrival. Love the products and the customer service. I'll always be a fan!

Received these as a gift while I don't use them on my shoes I do wear them on my gloves in the winter, belt in the summer, making my daily workouts infinitely safer. These are great. Thank-you.

Love them

I have used them 3 times since having them for a week. They are fantastic and complement my waste lamp during my early morning runs. The only I am not to crazy about it is runs a little of the tops of my feet. Other then that they are amazing and really lights up the road and trails for easy visibility.


I really don't like wearing a headlamp when I run. I ordered the shoe lights based on an ad that I saw either on FaceBook. I am very pleased with them. I have used them when it's dark and when it's nearing dusk. I used the flashing lights when it was around dusk. This was really good for cars to see me running.

Love them!!

They are AWESOME. Very bright, good battery life and lite.

Excellent Product

When I wear the shoe lights, the cars move to the side of the road. I feel so much safer running at daybreak. Easy to use. Definitely worth the money.

Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights
Tanya Vandeventer
Love them!

I don't even take the lights off my shoes! They are lightweight and because I regularly shift between early morning and evening runs, I just leave the lights on my shoes. They are great!

Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights
Doreen Sharpe and Richard Sharpe III

Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights

Great lights

Awesome lights, valued investment. Highly recommend to any runner or walker!


I am happy with the product because I don't want to carry a flashlight or wear a headlamp. Easy to use!


I just tried my Night Runner 270 lights out. Fast and easy to put on my shoes! They are so awesome! Highly recommend!

Wish I found these years ago!

I absolutely love my Night Runner Shoe Lights. They are perfect. I’ve done a ton of different options plastic lights that fall off your waist band LED us that are nice but once the sun comes up you don’t really need them anymore but then you’re wearing an extra item. You don’t even notice these lights are on your shoes and I think the best feature is the red tail light.


Awesome running device.