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Love them!

I don't even take the lights off my shoes! They are lightweight and because I regularly shift between early morning and evening runs, I just leave the lights on my shoes. They are great!

Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights

Great lights

Awesome lights, valued investment. Highly recommend to any runner or walker!


I am happy with the product because I don't want to carry a flashlight or wear a headlamp. Easy to use!


I just tried my Night Runner 270 lights out. Fast and easy to put on my shoes! They are so awesome! Highly recommend!

Wish I found these years ago!

I absolutely love my Night Runner Shoe Lights. They are perfect. I’ve done a ton of different options plastic lights that fall off your waist band LED us that are nice but once the sun comes up you don’t really need them anymore but then you’re wearing an extra item. You don’t even notice these lights are on your shoes and I think the best feature is the red tail light.


Awesome running device.

Shoe lights

Shipped to my grandson for Christmas. He says the lights are awesome.

first time purchaser

great product! better than we expected

Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights

Love it

So much better than holding a flashlight or wearing the headlamp!

It’s a head-turner!

On nearly every run so far I’ve received compliments from others. Visibility is great. Depth of light is not as far as my belt clip light but the movement on the shoes makes it more noticeable to cars. It stays on very securely to my shoelaces.

Single Night Runner Light Unit - Right

Totally changed my work out!!

I was finally able to walk after work in the evening darkness without any issues. Met lots of other walkers struggling in the dark and they immediately wanted to know where I got my “shoe lights” !!!

Lights for running helps

I ran this morning in the dark and a little icy, I was glad I had the night tech gear lights on to see the icy spots . I recommend them for added light as I have a number of running friends fall and I feel these lights give you an advantage seeing where you are running.

Nightrunner 270 is an awesome product

I use the NIght Runner 270 from Night Tech Gear to run and walk at night and it helps me to be seen and keeps me from tripping on road hazards. Is is truly a remarkable product and I highly recommend it!

Just get them!

AWESOME PRODUCT! I got them for running early in the morning. I didn’t want to wear anything on my body. These shoe lights are so light that you don’t even know they are on your shoes. Now other members in our family want them. We plan to purchase a few more pair.


Great product!

Good stuff, quick shipping

Thanks, you guys. Good gear.

Bought them for my son who runs after work, he loves them

They light up my walk!

Been using these for several weeks now and I’m very pleased! They produce the right amount of light for my walks. They have a strong clip and are well-made.

Night running made easier

Love, love them...I feel safer and more comfortable running at night!

Love, Love, Love

I use these for walking early in the morning. Love that they are rechargeable. Attach securely and lightweight.

Lights help drivers see me

I purchased the Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights mainly to help drivers see me. I walk before sunrise on sidewalks, with street lights, but I know I am hard to see. The lights help other pedestrians and turning vehicles know that I am there. So happy to have purchased these lights.

Bright safety-

Wearing these shoe lights give me a great sense of safety. Every runner or walker I come across is amazed by how bright the lights were. They say they saw me a block away. Your next product should be a vest.