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Exclusive Bundle: 2 Sets Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights

The Best Shoe Lights for Runners!

I love these lights. I have bought at least three pairs of these, and had three or four of the original First versión. These Xtreme model are more powerful snd sturdy, and generate more light (more lumens). if you are going ti run ir walk in dark morning hours like me, they maje a HUGE difference. When ever ibwesr them i alwyas get asked about then. and the fact they are rechargeable is also fantastic. Did i say ilove them, akready?!

Great for early morning running

I love to wear these for my early runs in the dark. The cars see me and move over and I see trip hazards

the best running shoe lights ever!

I love these lights. I have had the original lighter version when they were first developed. These are sturdier, give more light (lumens) and i am so sorry the company isn't manufacturing any longer. Whenever I wear them other runners always ask and show tremendous interest... They are amazing, and, did i already say I love them?

Set of Night Gear Lights

I am still waiting for my clips I received the set of lights.
These lights are amazing I had my first pair for 6 years the clips finally gave out on one. The lights still work. I wanted an extra set.

Single light purchase

So glad to find that you sell the single lights. I lost one and was so disappointed then I looked on line and saw I could buy a replacement! I never wear my lights without someone commenting on them!

Great service

Thank you for your help! Your customer service and your product are great.


Gave these to my brother and he loves them! Such a great product!

Love these

I use these for walking my dogs in the morning, they're great.

Great Product!

They are small, lightweight, and bright. You can really be seen with these lights.

Lady G - Satisfied Customer

I have been using this product (the shoe lights) for years as a night runner. They are an essential item for running safely at night. It's disheartening when one light goes down - I feel unbalanced. Thankful I was able to get a right shoe replacement, so quickly. Prior to this purchase, I broke the blue clip - again, replacement part available for purchase and received quickly. As a runner, I don't leave home without these lights, when it's dark. Restock the pairs soonest, I think having a backup pair in my arsenal is necessary. Great product.

Love these!

So much better than a headlamp or hand lights; always get tons of compliments on the great idea!

Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights from Night Tech Gear

First time ordering these. LOVE THEM!! Easy to put on your shoes. They stay secure and you don't even notice them being there when you run.

Great service

One of my lights seemed to charge but would only last 10-20 minutes. I emailed and was promptly told a replacement would be sent asap. It was! Also, I didn’t have to mess with returning the fault one.

Love them!

Easy to wear. Nice not to have a light that shines into other people's eyes.
Thank you for a great product.

Outstanding product and service

Really great product. I run with these all the time in the winter. I bough† some for several family members. I had a slight problem with mine that was promptly addressed free of charge. 10/10 would purchase again

Work great!

Perfect for my runs in the dark early morning!

Christmas Gift for grandson

Teens are very difficult to buy for until I found Night Gear. It is like no other & no one had heard of it. 180 degree sight, back light, foot level front beam, clip on for ease should you change gear, perfect for night dog walk. Once I get his feedback I hope to order for entire family-very active in all sports. Think it will be great for skiing also. Thank you for being a human via phone to assist with ?'s/order. Thank you for keeping us safe-God Bless

Light up the sidewalk

The Night Runner Shoe Lights are a welcomed addition to walking around College Park, (Orlando, FL) during the early mornings or nighttime hours. Our neighborhood was developed in the pre-WWII years which means the streets are lined with old and large oak trees. Many of the sidewalks are cracked from tree roots which creates a serious hazard if you can't see them. The Night Runner clearly illuminates the sidewalk allowing me to avoid the hazard.

Ruck Gear Box
Susan P
Very nice

I really like the gear box for holding my shoe lights. It keeps the charging cable and lights, when not in use, in one location.

And I adore my shoe lights, too.

Great products. Great customer service.

hat trick :>

i’m seen at night....clear instructions come with the lights....great customer kind of hat trick :>

Great for Walkers

The best lights hands down , especially being rechargeable. I agree the plastic clip is not the strongest & could be easily broken

If you run in the dark, these are must haves!

This product performs absolutely as advertised! Perfect for enhancing runner ability to see while running in the dark, as well as ensuring the runner is seen while running. So lightweight you don't know you have them on.

Great product

Fantastic lightweight shoe lights. Not gimmicky at all, real safety gear for runners in the early morning when it’s dark. They can be angled to illuminate the path forward and come on and off your shoes in a second. Fantastic product and so glad I got a pair.


I love using mine to run before work! They help so much!