Must Have Gadgets For Outdoor Travelers

Must Have Gadgets For Outdoor Travelers

Every outdoorsman knows that preparation is the key! Whether it is challenging trek through the mountains or a relaxing weekend camping trip, having the right equipment can be the difference in staying safe, comfortable and immersed in your adventure.  Night Tech Gear has selected just a few of our favorite must have gadgets that we wouldn't leave home without.

Solar Battery Charger:

Need to stay connected or use energy while camping? Check out Goal Zero’s Switch 10 Multi-Tool Kit. Equipped with 2 USB ports, Nomad 7 solar panel, and intelligent charging technology that matches your device, this little guy fills up your smartphone, tablet, camera, and other USB gadgets using only the power of the sun. And better yet, it is an all-in-one power solution, complete with charging cables, flashlight, and fan tool! Its lightweight, ultra-thin design makes it the perfect companion for long treks and day trips away from electrical outlets.


Stormproof Matches:

A UCO Stormproof Match Kit is perfect to throw into your camping essentials bag. The package includes a durable, waterproof case that floats, 3 strikers, as well as 25 windproof and waterproof matches that light up even in driving rain, heavy winds, and snow.

A Good Knife:

The Bear Grylls Survival AO Folding Knife is a great way to stay safe, and be able to cut hardie materials. Conceived by the famous survival trainer and ex-British Special Forces officer, this versatile tool features Gerber’s FAST 2.0 technology, with both a safety barrel that keeps the blade closed when in your pocket, as well as a user-friendly plunge lock which makes it easy to close it with just one hand. The knife’s handle is made of durable glass-filled nylon, while the 3-inch steel blade is partially serrated.

Scrubba Washer Bag:

The Scrubba invention is simpler than ever, but oh so underrated for trips on the road or in the wilderness. A bag full of clever little rubber nodules, it will get your clothes as clean as a regular washing cycle, in just three minutes… so no more excuses for not looking and smelling your best when you're out and about.

Bison Rolling Grill:

Bison’s award-winning Rolling BBQ Grill. Designed with backpacking campers in mind, this nifty outdoor cooking appliance is made from durable, lightweight aluminum and features hollow modular grates which allow it to roll up into a compact, portable cylinder weighing less than 1.2 pounds. Coated with non-stick Teflon, the unit provides for healthier food preparation and it’s extremely easy to clean. The set also includes grill guards, a bundled carry sack, and a pair of size-adjustable stakes for convenient cooking over an open fire.

Night Tech Gear Lights

Whether you’re hitting the trails, fishing, hiking, camping, hunting (or really just about any outdoor night activity), Night Trek Xtreme’s 400 lumen LEDs  help you stride confidently by illuminating the path up to 50 feet ahead of you. The rechargeable batteries will last over 10 hours to guide you through any night or early morning adventure.  The innovative clip system can attach to any shoes, boots or backpacks and the versatility makes it a lifesaver around the campsite.  

MummyPod Sleeping Bag Hammock

Find it hard to decide between a sleeping bag and a hammock? Why make a choice when you can have Outdoor Vitals Sleeping Bag Hammock? The innovative Mummypod makes you question whether or not you want to sleep on the ground or in the trees. Even the foot box opens for temperature control and hanging.

Carabiner Handle Stainless Steel Mug

Climbers, backpackers, and campers alike will love the Life Gear Stainless Steel Mug. If you are into outdoor activities and can’t ever find a cup when you need it, this is for you. Simply attach the carabineer to your belt loop or bag and you are ready to go!

Ready For The Outdoors Now?

We’ve made it easy for you to get a head start gathering you or your outdoor lover’s gear, simply visit Night Tech Gear here to check out special deals on holiday orders. Happy exploring, adventure enthusiasts!