Night Trek X Shoe Lights

Light up your adventure with tactical shoe lights that provide hands-free lighting for hiking, hunting, camping, fishing and all outdoor activities. Night Trek’s patented shoe mounted system provides light forward and to the sides to illuminate all of your favorite activities from dusk until dawn.

Night Trek X takes your adventure to the next level with a 3–10 hour rechargeable battery pack. The 400-lumen lights provide more than a 50-foot forward beam distance.

Customer Reviews

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Sneaker Headlights

Great lights for walking in the evening. They fit on my women sneakers with no problem. They’re light weight & I can’t even tell they’re on my sneakers when walking.
I wish they had one more notch to shine a little more downward. Otherwise they’re great!

Marissa P
Would not train with anything else!

I bought these to train for a 50 mile ultra and an Ironman earlier this year. I needed something for the early morning and late night runs. Just because the sun was not out, did not mean my workout didn't happen. Love that I could see and be seen!

Not just for runners!

This last pair was actually for my sister. I have a set I love for taking an evening walk, with or without the dogs. Our sidewalks are not even and I have fallen in the past. I have a headlight, but I think these are easier, more comfortable, and do a better job. Really like this product and was excited to gift it to my sister and her dog.

Best lights we've found!

Love these lights! I bought a pair for my husband and I for running in the early morning and they are fabulous. They stay in place and you don't even feel them at all. Even after two hours of running they didn't move and were still lit up. I would recommend these to any runners or walkers that are out early in the morning or in the evening. We tried a bunch of other lights, but these beat them all hands down.

Pretty cool device!

It’s greatly improved my visibility and vehicles are able to spot me easily from a safe distance. I didn’t notice it the first time but there are red blinking lights on the side, which is a pretty cool feature. There are three modes: a primary, brightest and blinking mode. It comes with a dual USB cable for charging and a small pouch. They fit nicely under the shoelaces and I hardly notice them aside from the lighting. If you like going out at night, I recommend picking these up.

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