Fall Is Here! Is Your Gear Ready?

Fall Is Here! Is Your Gear Ready?

It’s that time of year again, you know… where the weather is simply marvelous for outdoor explorations. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite reasons why autumn adventures should be up there on your vacation planning list. Let’s dive right in:

Reasons To Explore Outdoors In Autumn

  • The hiking trails are quieter. Less people have time to step away at this time of year, which leaves lines shorter, mountains and lakes emptier, etc.
  • The summer heat has escaped you. This makes hiking with dogs much easier and safer.
  • It’s often cheaper. If you decide to travel during the quiet months of the year, usually everything is more affordable than summertime high seasons (when tourists have vacations, with their children out of school).
  • The leaves change colors in most “true to seasons” locations (for example in the Northern Hemisphere, the most beautiful places to see changing leaves are in New England USA, or Transylvania, Romania. 
  • Sweater weather! The weather is beautiful, layered up enjoying the fresh air outdoors as a backpacker.
  • There are less insects around in the fall, drastically dropping levels of mosquitos (compared to summer months).
  • Fall campfires… need we explain more?!
  • It’s usually one’s last chance to get outdoors before winter rolls in, limiting most routes via snow, hard winds, etc.

Ready To Hit The Trails?

If you are thinking about planning an outdoor getaway this season, be sure to prepare ahead of time on gear you might need for camping trips. Check out our blog post highlighting the top gear for outdoor enthusiasts for 2020 here!

One thing you won’t want to forget is a night light for outdoor exploring (in case the sun goes down a bit earlier than you expected). Check out our Night Trek Xtreme Lights, perfect for hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, or all around safety precaution.

Safe adventuring friends... Remember, when night falls, we rise!

-Night Tech Gear